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The Center for Technology and Society Studies (CETyS) is an academic and cross-disciplinary space for research, education, and communication of the policies and the development of digital processes in the public sphere.  

Starting its activities in 2007, CETyS was managed by its founder Hernán Galperin, PhD, currently working as a professor at the University of Southern California (USC).

Nowadays, researchers and students from different disciplines of the CETyS work together in different projects and issues such as fintech, Internet governance, cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, digital technologies regulation, Internet policy and economy, public policies, convergent communications, privacy, data protection, digital rights, electoral processes, intellectual property, philosophy of information, defense of the competition in digital markets, among others. 

CETyS is a center for Latin America located at the University of San Andrés (UdeSA) in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

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Carolina Aguerre UNESCO


Carolina Aguerre

PhD. Senior Research Fellow at Centre for Global Cooperation Research GCR21, Universität Duisburg-Essen. Member of the UNESCO Expert Group in Recommendations on the AI Ethics. Researcher and professor of CETyS and University of San Andrés (UdeSA) focused on public policies and Internet governance.



Partner at Allende y Brea. Director of the Internet Law and Communications Technology Program (DITC). Editor of the Law and Technology Collection.  Professor at CETyS and University of San Andrés (UdeSA). Lawyer focused on Internet law, data protection, Intellectual property, advertising law and technological transactions.

Fernanda Martinez

Executive Director

Fernanda Martinez

Master in Education by the University of San Andrés (UdeSA). Expert in education management. Researcher at CETyS focused on inclusion and digital literacy policies.


Iván Kirschbaum

Academic programs assistant

Delfina Ferracutti


* appointed by the Board of Directors of the University of San Andrés

Fernanda Viecens

CONICET Researcher

PhD in Economics by the University Carlos III from Madrid. Researcher at CONICET and CETyS focused on digital regulation and competition, digital economy, online markets, Internet, payment markets economy and Fintech.

Sebastián M. Cabello

Affiliated expert

CEO at SmC+, a firm specializing in public digital issues. Expert in the regulation of telecommunications and digital economy, ICT public policies, sustainability campaigns, Chinese economy and Mercosur.

Gonzalo Bustos Frati

Affiliated expert

CEO at CyberGea, a pioneer company that offers strategic consultancy for the digital ecosystem. Researcher at CETyS focused on cyberdiplomacy, cyberspace governance and digital policies in South America.

Carolina Gruffat

Affiliated expert

Design and management of innovation in education. Researcher at CETyS focused on Education in the Knowledge Society. Teacher and researcher in the Chair of Data of the Bachelor’s Degree of Communication at the University of Buenos Aires.


Carlos Amunátegui Perelló, Florencia Beati, Chelcée Brathwaite, Agustina Callegari, Juan Diego Castañeda, Daniel Castaño, Andrés Chomczyk, Claudia Del Pozo, Lorena Flórez Rojas, Santiago Gini, Constanza Gómez Montt, Oscar Gonzalez, Bruno Gorgone, Juan Carlos Lara Gálvez, Esteban Lescano, Joao López, Raúl Madrid, Ana Victoria Martín del Campo, Micaela Mantegna, Carolina Martínez Elebi, Santiago Mora, Silvana Rivero, Juliana Vargas Leal.

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