Artificial Intelligence

This area intends to function as a repository of scientific knowledge on Artificial Intelligence, its ethical, regulatory and development aspects in Latin America and the Caribbean. The area seeks to produce documents and projects that may serve as a guide for regulators and policy makers from both the private and public sectors.

Due to its transformative potential, the speed of its advances, its ability to scale, its relationship with data economy and the tension between innovation and protection of individual rights, among other issues, the priority of advancing in the study of the AI; especially in regions like Latin America and the Caribbean that lack their own regulatory frameworks, is emphasized.

GuIA Project

Artificial Intelligence in Latin America and the Caribbean: Ethics, Governance and Policies

GuIA was born with the objective of strengthening a regional space where researchers address discussions about the development and specific problems of Artificial Intelligence in Latin America and the Caribbean.

In this first edition of the project (2019-20), a group of nineteen researchers from 9 universities and organizations in Latin America and the Caribbean participated in the preparation of 8 documents and 1 manual that contribute to issues of ethics, regulation and the environment of the public policies for the development and adoption of Artificial Intelligence systems in the region.

Documents are available to the public in the official web site GuIA project.

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