Center for Technology and Society Studies

CETyS, at Universidad de San Andrés, is a cross-disciplinary center for the research, education, and communication of the policies and development of digital processes in Latin America.


CETyS has two leading training and in-depth programs in the region delivered by national and international professors and experts with an extensive track record.


Diploma in Internet Governance.

The purpose of the DiGI is to deeply analyze the challenges faced by Internet governance and the digital ecosystem. The diploma has a regional focus and tackles the processes shaping technologies, institutions, policies and rules of the digital environment.


Digital Technologies Law.

The purpose of the DTD is to train professionals from different disciplines in the most relevant legal and public policy matters for companies, organizations and consultants within the Internet, digital technology and telecommunication industry.


International Diploma in Personal Data Protection.

The aim of the PDP is to provide advanced knowledge in the legal and public policy aspects related to personal data protection and the different privacy laws enacted at regional and international level.


Diploma in Digital Technology Regulation. E-learning.



The research areas of the center are cross-disciplinary spaces for the study, publication and communication of the impact that information technologies have in different fields of society.

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